Monumental memories

Leaf SS18






With this collection the minimalistic fashion designer Boaz van Doornik took you on a casual stroll through Dutch nature.

Van Doornik created a new Dutch landscape in which structure and spontaneity are lined up against each other.


A big treasure of dried oak leaves

The basis of the collection was inspired by a few dried oak leaves that Van Doornik found at home, crushed between the pages of a book.

 “I do remember placing them in the book, but I totally forgot about them. When I found them, it was like finding a treasure! It was winter and there were no leaves on the ground anywhere. I loved the old leaves, weathered by the ravages of time.”

Finding these leaves took him back to his childhood and the amount of leaves he used to pick up during the forest walks he made with his father. Especially the ‘propellers’, that every kid loved to play with, revived Van Doorniks fascination for shapes and structures of leaves and seeds.


Ranging from classic side fasteners to suits with cork prints

As the title suggests, LEAF stands for tree. A tree is pure in its beauty, but vulnerable in its impermanence. Van Doornik brings LEAF as a tribute to function and was inspired by the outfits forest rangers used to wear in the sixties and seventies, which is also a big inspiration for Janna Wieringa.

She designed three minimalistic bags especially for this collection.


Oak prints instead of tropical paradise

Van Doornik had a good reason to take you on this adventure through the Dutch landscape. He wanted to take a stand against the trendy tropical prints, which heritage is impossible to define. Why is it we do not want a beautiful oak print? Instead of the tropical paradise he wants to take us back to our own roots and hereby he aims to make a statement against fast fashion. We should find a new attitude and a new way of thinking in which we embrace the beauty of impermanence and function.

Boaz van doornik | boazvandoornik@gmail.com | website by Boris Lutters